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Does parenting feel like a daily struggle?

There is a better way.


Invite Calm is a one-on-one coaching program uniquely tailored to your parenting concerns and your family, all with the goal of addressing your child's challenging behavior and making you a calmer and more confident parent.

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is their primary mode of communication.

To truly address our parenting challenges, we must first understand them, grasping the root of a problem before crafting solutions.

That's why I offer a complimentary consultation to learn about your concerns and begin to develop strategies for inviting more calm into your parenting.

Your Child's behavior...

Transform challenges into connection...

 "I told my daughter's teachers about her  being extremely picky with clothing and having frequent meltdowns. Just to put on pajamas for bed would take forever and led to such frustration for both of us. Her teachers told me that she needs Occupational Therapy because this sounded like she had sensory sensitivities. I reached out to Rivka who helped us figure out that it was my daughter's need for control that was driving her behavior and not sensory. Through working with Rivka, I learned to be empathetic to my child and help get her needs met. My daughter's difficult behavior significantly decreased and we are both so much happier and I have Rivka to thank for this."

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This complimentary call is an introduction to my coaching style, and a chance for you to share your current parenting struggles. During our conversation we'll discuss your concerns and you'll share with me your biggest parenting challenges. I'll share my insights to help you begin to gain an understanding and we'll explore if we're a good fit to work together.


After our call, you''ll receive a personalized assessment, to help me get a deeper understanding of the issues involved. We'll review your responses in a video call to gain insights into the root causes of challenging behaviors. This evaluation acts as your roadmap. For some, this may be enough to invite positive change without further assistance.


With your evaluation acting  as our roadmap, ongoing coaching is where I am your personal guide as you work to implement the changes we want to see.  You'll engage in up to 3 Zoom coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs each month with personal guidance, tailored strategies, and solutions based on your unique family dynamics and challenges.

Getting Started

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Schedule your no-commitment call

Meet  Rivka

With over 25 years as a pediatric Occupational Therapist, Rivka's expertise is deeply rooted in child behavior and development. Her personal journey of raising six children informs her perspective and enables her to offer comprehensive parent/child relationship guidance assisting parents in gaining insight to address their child's needs with the goal in mind of decreasing challenging child behaviors.

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Not sure where to start?

Do you need strategies that you can start using today? Grab your copy of my ebook– at no cost to you. This book is not just for parent's whose children have ADHD- it's full of emotional regulation and parenting skills that apply across the board.

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