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My daughter's behavior seemed so out of the norm that my family member said that I'd better take her to a psychiatrist. I decided to reach out to Rivka first and boy was I happy that I did. She helped me to understand my daughter and why she behaved the way she did. Once I changed how I interacted with her and was more careful with the words I used when speaking to her, her meltdowns significantly decreased, and she became more cooperative. Our relationship improved so much and now we really enjoy spending time together. I highly recommend working with Rivka. 

Rivka provided much-needed support when I was struggling to manage my son's meltdowns. I had been feeling very isolated and overwhelmed, and Rivka provided a non-judgmental space where I felt empowered to figure out how best to support my child. I appreciated how she saw the good in my child and in myself, and many of her insights were very effective. I find myself using these strategies all of the time. I also appreciated that she ultimately pointed me to a child play therapist, and that she knew when I needed to seek professional help for my child. I am very grateful to Rivka for being there for my family during a challenging time.

Through working with Rivka, our family life has changed so much for the better. I used to get into constant power struggles with my daughter. Through Rivka’s guidance, I was able to change my perspective from ‘I’m giving into bad behavior' to 'I’m supporting my daughter where she is’. I learned to empathize with her and our relationship is so much better. Sometimes, when I feel triggered and am about to react, I literally hear Rivka’s voice steering me to respond in a better way. I definitely recommend working with Rivka.

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